Terms & Conditions

Hotel/Resort Photography

€800 / shoot day - Includes all travel expenses to hotel/resort to be shot. To be paid on completion of shoot in conjunction with digital delivery of photo and video assets.

Excludes accommodation/meals for the duration of the shoot. Accommodation at or nearby the hotel/resort to be shot is recommended. Accommodation and meals are to be provided by the hotel/resort or parent/hiring company. 

20% discount for first time customers and for shoots over 5 days in length.

As a guide, a day's shooting results in 50 - 100 production ready still images and 10 - 20 production ready HD video clips. Depending on weather conditions and the level of cooperation with the hotel/resort. 

Still images are delivered in Jpeg format at a minimum 4K resolution. (Raw files or other formats are available if requested prior to commencement of shoot). 

Video files are delivered in the format and resolution desired, usually .Mp4 or .Mov at 2K or 4K resolution. 

Renumeration for editorial assignments is as negotiated per assignment. Pro bono work for aid agencies and NGO's where possible.

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